How to Update specific cell in a column dynamically

How can we update specific cell value based on other two fields

Username |LastName| Oct |Nov | Dec
Anita | Jha | 20.05 |30.6| 90.8

So how do we update if name =“Anita” and Month=“dec” it should update the amt in Dec column(cell) as 90.8

Hi @anmita

Perform following steps

  1. Use excel scope to open the files
  2. Use for each row in excel to loop through rows
  3. Inside for each use a if condition to check the conditions Eg:


  1. In then use a assign activity to set the data
    currentrow("Dec") = "90.8" or 90.8

If data is in datatable do the same with for each row in datatable and no excel is needed


Hello @Anil_G
Thanks for reference

Is there any other approach to update based on index values of row and column?



  1. Use the same for loop

But assign would be

Assuming month is stored in a variable(Month)

CurrentRow(Month) = 90.8

2.Read the excel data into datatable(dt)
Assign(Row index is String type)
RowIndex = dt.Rows.IndexOf(dt.AsEnumerable.Where(function(x) x("Name").ToString.Trim.Equals("Anita"))).ToString
Assign(ColumnValue is String Type)
ColumnValue = chr(65 + dt.Columns.IndexOf(Month))

Use write cell

With cell value = ColumnValue + RowIndex
Cell data = 90.8 or “90.8”

For row index you can also use

Rowindex = dt.Rows.IndexOf(dt.Select("[Name]='Anita'")(0)).ToString

Hope this helps



Hello @anmita :wave: you can directly update like below mentioned type or else you can also use linq
dt.Select(“[Username ]=‘Anita’”)(0)(4)=90.8 or"90.8

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