How to unzip a file?

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I need to unzip a zipped folder. How to do this in UiPath ?

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Use Unzip Activity
For that GoTo Manage Packages In that Type Unzip for search then install them.


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@ImPratham45 Is this accepted by all the clients in the industry ?

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Yes This can be use anywhere anytime!

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@Palaniyappan Can you please help on this ? Does UiPath have any solution for this ? Is it good to use any customized activity like the above one ?

Need urgent help …

You can use Invoke Code for same.


Hey can you please help me with this,
I am not able to find Target type:System.IO.Compression.ZipFile

Go to Import and Import it.


Also , Please update the parameters

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Hi @kkpatel,

As per the statistics , you can able to see the download counts. So avg 18 download per day.

The major advantage is with password. …

Thank you @ImPratham45

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It is already present in Imports

hi @iVishalNayak

Please refer theBelow Thread .It is having the sample Example


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Check the attached workflow, this will check a path for the zip files and unzip it to a directory one by one if you have more zip files.

UnzipFilesAndMove.xaml (7.2 KB)

I am getting thisimage