Unsupported api version error after orchestrator version upgrade

I upgraded the Orchestrator version using the UiPathOrchestrator.msi file.
Pre version : 21.10
Upgrade version : 22.10

After upgrading, when connecting to Orchestrator, the following message appears.

{“error”:{“code”:“unsupportedapiversion”,“message”:“the http resource that matches the request URI ‘MyOrchestratorURL/signinsystemopenidconnect’ does not support HTTP method ‘POST’,”,“innerError”:null}}

When I refresh the page, I am logged in normally.
Is there any workaround for this problem?


Do you see the same issue if you use a private browsing window? Did you try entering the URL only or are you navigating to a bookmark / history link with a long string e.g. https://cloud.uipath.com/abc/DefaultTenant/orchestrator_/oidc/login?code=b5b54bba-adb1-427f-a1d7-4bdf05d5c8e2.E1C7F9FC9EFB741D70B9B6C2374F03F273A34C42474661EB1E3010EED5857D70&scope=openid%20profile%20email%20offline_access%20tenant%20IdentityServerApi%20OrchestratorApiUserAccess%20Directory%20ConnectionService%20JamJamApi%20RCS.FolderAuthorization%20OMS&state=fcf259f08ec34fd4baa8ef50a8488368&session_state=HkLcJzBmlYvyAFDIJLQGGPjPP0m4dtT6vdIC6F4EE9s.8A66516D66EA7BE0A07FBC8E4EC095A6&iss=https%3A%2F%2Fcloud.uipath.com%2Fidentity_

I try entering the URL only https://MyURL/identity/

my Orchestrator is Enterprise version

Could you remove /identity from the URL and try again? Also try in a private browsing window.

@shgu did you manage to get it working?

thank you. it is working
i try entering the URL only.

Oh good to know. Thanks for updating, I was curious too.

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