Unresolved errors in Custom Activity Sample

I was trying out the sample from UiPath Guide:

I had downloaded sample from the above link, but i’m getting missing activity error although i have all the packages installed and i suppose there is no necessary to import the namespace specially because already i can see the Custom Input activity. But i’m confused it could be a compatible issue. Please share any sample if you have any.

SS for the reference:

Goutham Vijay

hi buddy @GouthamVijay
Fine i checked with that activity whether its getting displayed or not in my studio,
its coming
Kindly check whether you have these packages with the versions mentioned here

i m using enterprise edition of 2018.3.0

Kindly check and revert for any queries or clarification
Cheers @GouthamVijay

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Hi @Palaniyappan

First and foremost thanks for the response,

I got the latest version installed of all the packages inside UiPath. I got this issue only with the downloaded program, i have one more program with same requirement where i can use the Custom Input Activity but the problem is neither the program stops with an output nor it throws the error. Please go through the attached workflow and test from your side that you gets proper output which you enters as an input in the HTML page.

CustomInputForm.xaml (5.4 KB) form.html (1.5 KB)

Hey @GouthamVijay

It is working for me :slight_smile: try to update all your packages :slight_smile:


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Hey @aksh1yadav

I have updated all the packages and i try to run the following program but i got the below screen with no output,

CustomInputForm.xaml (5.4 KB)
form.html (1.5 KB)


Take a new folder and copy paste all your code into new folder. Delete your JSON file in new folder and open xaml file. It will create new JSON file and load all dependencies.

Hope my inputs are useful.

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Hey @rkelchuri

I followed the same steps and i couldn’t run the workflow, page is not loading properly

CustomInputForm.xaml (5.4 KB)
form.html (1.5 KB)


@Palaniyappan @aksh1yadav @rkelchuri

I got this solution finally, my IE browser was blocking active pages and i had changed the options, working good now. Since i got my own solution i marks my answer as the solution.


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Cheers @GouthamVijay

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