Custom input Activity outdated

Hello, I just found a problem when using the Custom input activity.
When running a Custom activity, it pops up an alert about ActiveX controls. As a good student I ignore this, but then input is returned as a single line (I’m using an textarea tag).

I went to UiPath documentation (hit f1 in the activity) and downloaded the example there and it works perfectly fine, but it seems to work only in version 18.3.68 of UiPath.System dependecy, because when I do the same thing in version 22.04 it just get this annoying pop up and errors anywhere.
I only wish the activity is updated for the 22.04 version, or update the documentation for this activity (more than 2 years) thanks in advance!

Btw I’m using this lil html code.
links.html (917 Bytes)

Hi @David_Armando_Silva_de_Pa, thanks for contacting us, we will go forward with your request, but a screenshot or short video with what you are experiencing would help us a lot as well in our escalation.