Unresolved activity on Open Browser

Hi all,

hoping you can help, our current setup is as follows:

developing on a dev studio license version 2019.10
enterprise version on a VM - version 2019.4.4

We currently do not make use of orchestrator.

We start off by builind the process on our dev machines, once ready and tested, we copy the entire process (xaml) location over to the VM (production environment) and invoke the workflow in the main process.

This has worked fine for multiple processes without issues, however I currently have a problem where it states the process has unresolved activities on a open browser step (inside this step all of the actions are located - causing the process not to work at all.)

I have tried deleting the json file - but this does not resolve it.

have any of you experienced this before? Is there a simple solution to resolve this?

You need to install the package which is missing. go to manage packages in studio and install which is required


thank you - but I believe open browser is not a specific activity that needs to be downloaded?


Have you tried re installing the UiPath.Automation.Activities Package ?

A Manohar

Hi @HenricoW

Delete project.json file in you process and then open your xaml file and then check.

Kommi Jeevan.

Hi, yes this is currently installed and still having the same issue.

thank you for the recommendation, I have however tried this without success.

Hello there,

We have used a similar setup, and have encountered the same problem aswell.
We figured out, that when copying from server to server, we must make sure the UiPath version is completely the same - but even with this in mind we still see this error from time to time (Missing packages etc)
Simply delete the missing activity and replace it with a new - it will work from there on and out…

Hope this makes sense and you find a solution :slight_smile:

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It worked! Thanks

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