Unread email body specific keyword read into variable

hi everyone please help me i want to read the email body which is unread and which contain the specific keyword suppose in the mail body contain


then i want to read the content here java,.net,sql by using the keyskills index here and want to store into variable please help

Use GetMail activity with the property ‘OnlyUnreadMessages’ checked.
In your sequence check if the mailMessage.Body.Contains(“keyskills”)
Then you can split you substring the body after ‘keyskills:’ index and then split the output using ‘,’
The result will be your array of skills.

Try the below link and see it it helps

i am not using outlook here and can you give the split syntax according to this.


Then what activity are you using?

here you go. testSubstring.xaml (5.8 KB)

thanks bro but now i want to store the array data into single variable separated by comma. i tried with String join method here but fail help please.r u on hangout bro?

so i guess you dont want to split.
Then use thistestSubstring.xaml (5.3 KB)

thanks bro its really helpful