Email Automation for reading mail body

Hello Team,
Help me out in solving below scenario.
1.Need to Read incoming mails from outlook.(all mails)
2.Search for a particular keyword in the mail body.
3.If particular keyword exists then validation success.
Note : we need to read every incoming mail no specific sender or Subject line.

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we can use GET IMAP MAIL ACTIVITY with both these options enabled
and get the output with a variable of type list of mailmessage named list_mailmessage

–now once after getting the mail list use a for each loop and pass the above variable list_mailmessage as input and in the property panel of for each loop mention as in the type argument property
–then inside the loop use a if condition like this
item.body.tostring.contains(“your keyword”)
if true it will go to THEN part where we can have our process or it will go to ELSE part where can have the counter part process (if needed)

hope this would help you
Cheers @bhaavan

i have done everything but still getting this error

Hello @Palaniyappan ,
We went through steps mentioned by you ,
But we are getting error message. PFB Screen shot for more info.

in for each loop the type argument should be with
Cheers @bhaavan

Thank You so much @Palaniyappan , i am able read mail body.
Is there any way to scan only unread mail without limit ?

@bhaavan - You can just check unread email checkbox that will help you to read only unread email.

Thank You @sandipauti

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