Unknown installed version showing at orchestrator

Hello Guys,

My machine successfully connected but unknown installed version showing at orchestrator.

While running the BOT, getting popup as a execution has been cancelled., its working fine at previous version

version 19.2.0

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Is your Orchestrator connected to your UIPath studio ?

Hi Smita

check you have created bot, connected it to Studio>
you should check, whether you are using latest version or not>(Go to environment, update latest version of )


I have published my BOT, and process sucessfully created

i am using latest version 19.2.0 of studio and robot

@smita.mobifly, Hi, how did you solve it?. I have the same problem

Hi @Jhunior

See here for the potential solution:


@loginerror Thank you, it’s working :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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so they are 2 separate problems, one is fixed using domain\user but how about the version thing? is happening to me as well in community 19.4…

Hi @bcorrea

Is the issue still there? I wanted to suggest a simple machine restart as a first measure, but that would probably happen by now.

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create new environment and set project.

In my testing in sit I found the case I made the machine mattered. I used lowercase but it wanted uppercase

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The name of the machine in Orchestrator should be the same as the “Machine Name” in the Robot Tray whenever you are trying to connect the Robot. This solved the issue for me. Find below a screenshot for your reference.



Hi, I still got that problem, even when I provided full domain\user. Any suggest? Thanks

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This happened to me and it was due to the orchestrator and Robot tray on the server were disconnected. I went into orchestrator settings and rebuilt the connection and the unknown went away.