Universal Search - Improvements

The universal search in studio is only targeted to search the opened XAML files. If I know where exactly the search item is in XAML file I wouldn’t need to use the search feature at all.

I think the search should target non-open xaml files which will make it easier to debug/fix errors.

Not sure if this isn’t working in earlier releases… but as long as they are within the same project, Universal Search comes up with any result, opened or not:


What version are you using ?
I’ve used on 2018.4.3 Enterprise, not sure if they have already released in community versions

2019.3.0 CE

Hi @rachrahul2 and @redlynx82

I believe this is not working as expected just yet, but it is on our roadmap :slight_smile:

If you look carefully at the screenshot above, it currently only searches the files in the Project folder and not the content of these unopened files.


Thanks for looking into it.
Would be a great addition to studio.

Hi @rachrahul2

Check out Studio CE 2019.5, it’s already there! :slight_smile:

Will do. Thanks @loginerror