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Is there a way or shortcut to search over all non opened xaml files in a project?

Regular the search results are based on the open files.

Second side question, svn implementation is installed is a git implementation planned? If someone heard about it :slight_smile:

EDIT 10.04 Uploaded Project and screenshots
Main.xaml (4.3 KB)
project.json (644 Bytes)
Test.xaml (4.8 KB)

Thanks for answers

Hi, you may use the Universal search located at the upper right side of the Studio :slight_smile:

The search shows me only results in already open files.
Or is it a mistake in settings?
Studio v. 18.3

I am using Studio 2019 3.0 and the UniversalSearch also includes the unopened workflows :slight_smile:

Okay crazy, tomorrow I will upload a example project and Screenshots, thank for your quick response

Or maybe it is a feature in 2019 versions

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screenshots and project are up

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