Unique reference while adding csv to queue

Hello, I have a process where the transactions are uploaded in queue from csv. I want a unique reference for each transaction (each line in the csv), but the business team can’t make/or want to make a unique reference to be put in csv file so the orchestrator to take it. Can I make something like a random reference generated by Orchestrator?


You can either create a unqiue combination by combining the data you are getting.

Or can add the current time stamp with seconds to make a unique reference.

On Orchestrator I believe you cnnot generate directly


Can you describe the solution with time stamp? Where to add it? Can be done directly in Orchestrator or I need to do that in the process?


You need to do in process while adding queue item…

Now.ToString(“MMddyyyyhhmmss”) this will give the timestamp for current second which will be unique every second…So this works as unique reference…In your add queue item activity just give this as reference


The queue items are imported from orchestrator by the user using “upload items” button. I get them in the process and then do some web activities with the queue info. I don’t add queue items in my UiPath process, I just read the info from the queue and set a status.


May I know why do you need a unique reference in queue?

You have an option to turn it off as well then no reference is needed.

Else while adding from csv we have to include a reference column…and populate it


Once you add a queue item to queue, you can not change any details of it. If you want to add some additional details to it, Output is the only option. You can add the details in Output and use it later anywhere required.

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I don’t need it, it’s a request from the business team to track the transactions better. If you ask me it’s really useless because they get an email report. I guess they like to watch the transaction directly from orchestrator and download report from there.

I also knew about adding a column for the reference, but I was curious about another posibility.

@adrianab.98 in this case you can redirect the business to UiPath Insights :robot:

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