How to create an unique ID for every transaction in RE-Framework?

I want to create an unique ID for each transaction
Note : the ID should not repeat

Hi @Sreekar_Mulinti
are you talking with respect to queues ?


for every transaction in a Queue

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so there is something called unique reference while creating queues in orchestrator…
so kindly enable that

also while pushing queue items , using add queue use reference property and pass ur required reference value accordingly

I hope this helps you @Sreekar_Mulinti


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Hi @Sreekar_Mulinti
You have to choose one reference value while using Add Queue Item Activity in studio, and make sure while creating the Queue in Orchestrator you have to enable the Unique Reference option to YES

If you are placing queues in Init state then better to wrap the Add Queue item activity with Try Catch, because if you enable the Unique Reference to YES then duplicate will throw system error, and it will end your execution

To avoid this we use Try Catch, so it will proceed with your automation when you are using Re-Framework

Hope this helps

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Hi @Sreekar_Mulinti
if you have no more questions kindly close the topic

Happy automation

Hi @Sreekar_Mulinti,

It depends on what you want to do. There are two possible unique reference/ID which can exists per queue item (second one is by default and the first one is optional)

  1. Reference column : If you want to set a unique reference yourself, you can use the approach suggested by @nikhil.girish. Both Add Queue Item and Add Bulk Queue Items support a Reference column, which you can define.

  2. ItemKey : By default Orchestrator adds a Transaction ID to each item in the queue (TransactionItem.ItemKey.ToString). This however is not predetermined and will be allocated randomly, so you will not know it until you get the queue item from the queue.

    It is basically a GUID generated in the backend for example : 143993b1-c003-48a1-b30d-8781d7ab19f5


thank you for your valuable information

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