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I want to use UiAutomation on Mozilla. I have installed the Mozilla plugin already, and I want to use multiple tabs on a single window browser. The problem is, if I use two App/Web nested, then when running the file, it opens 2 different windows, while on Chrome I used to have all inside one window. I’ve tried the “private” mode when opening, but it cannot attach the tab for some reason. Does anyone know how to attach multiple tabs in the same window? is Mozilla not a good option? or I need to configure something in Uipath/Mozilla??

Heres a screen shot of my testing workflow:

Thanks in advance!!

Can you try navigate to activity and check

Hello there, I tried but only the first window is the one who goes to url. I had to write the actual URL in Browser with a Type Into activity.
However, I’ve also tried using Ctrl+Tab to open new pages, and this was the only way.
I found this solution:

  1. (For Mozilla, Edge) Don’t open UiAutomation in the “home” page of the browser, UiPath cannot comunicate with the browser in the home page, you must open the browser with a default url like www.google.com.
  2. When going to open a new Tab, use shortcut activity “Ctrl + Tab”. This opens a new tab in almost any browser.
  3. If you are going to use both tabs at the same time, then save both tabs or App/Web Browser activities into a UiElement variable.
  4. Use Type into Activity in the new tab, to simulate “Go to url” activity beacuse when using go to URL activity, only works for the first tab, not the new one, because it cannot be attatched. For example, type www.facebook.com. then use Enter or click to go to the new page.
  5. Then, you can use a new App/Web Browser activity to attatch the new opened tab, with the same link (for example www.facebook.com). Now you can save the browser as UiElement.
  6. When automating both tabs, use the UiElement as parameter for any UiActivity.
  7. If you want to close a particular tab, then you should close manually, since close option “If Opened by App/Web Browser” won’t work. This because we opened a new tab manually. so you would use an App/Web browser as input the UiElement for the corresponding tab, and then use the option always to close.

I attach some workflow that might be useful if you want to open multiple tabs in a single window, I think this same method should work for Edge. However, it’s imposible to work in background, since the “new tab” function for any browser take us to the new tab no matter what.

Hopefully this helps, until UiPath fix this issue, happy automation!

Mozilla.xaml (18.1 KB)
OpenFB.xaml (24.7 KB)

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