"Undo" and "redo" actions are not available when creating variables, at least from Data Manager

When creating a new variable via Data Manager, for the undo/redo actions it’s like if nothing happened: they stay grey after creating one. That’s very confusing, since if you were trying to create a variable but in the last moment you decided you are not going to use it, you cannot simply the “undo” function and you may end up erasing one you didn’t intended and you could be already using.

See the attached picture.

Apart from that, as I already noted in another topic nobody took care of, the real problem with undo/redo is that whe don’t have a dropdown on each respective action the see the history of potential actions to undo/redo, and that the buttons don’t get greyed out when there’s not further redo/actions to do, making it very unusable/potentially harmful.