Can't change variable type with Data Manager

I have two automations, one allows me to change the variable type with the Data Manager, the other does not. Both automations built using the latest updates.


Hi @Craig_W

Can you please check if the variable scope is global? If so, you won’t be able to change type or scope after variable is created.

Sorry - I should have specified - this is in StudioX.

Hi @Craig_W

Is one a windows-legacy project which you are not able to edit the variables?


Both are the same - VB - Windows-legacy - local

@Craig_W please expand the variable and show us the fields whether the field which you are trying to change is disabled.

Got it,

I got no experience in StudioX but could you please check if you can right click the variable and see if edit button appears?

Also, can you make sure that you can edit variables in variable panel?

Last thing would be working with only one instance of StudioX at the time.
I have experienced the problem of missing edit buttons in UiPath Studio when I had more than 1 instance opened at the time, this might cause a problem as well.


Thanks GT - only one instance open - closed and re-opened. Will reboot and see if any change. No Edit available.

@Craig_W Try to refresh the data manager sometimes it may get stuck in between some actions.

which studiox version do you run?
the ones that you cant change the type are the old saved values as they were named before. this is an upgraded project. saved values took their type from depending on the property type where they were set.
the ones that you can change type are variables, in newer projects.
on older studiox, both saved values and variables were shown together in data manager panel. on newer studiox version they are separated, old inherited saved values will have their own category.

Thank you all for the replies! Updated to the latest version and all is well.

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