Undetermined Error While Running Job

How to resolve the sudden, undetermined error obtained while running a Robot process in production ?

The business is waiting for the processing of tasks. There is no evolution of the Robot process or change of the execution environment. Below are a few ways to resolve the error,

  1. Add a delay of up to 5 seconds right after the Excel Application Scope
  2. Rewrite the Excel application scope activity display name. If multiple Excel application scope activities are used, then give different display name for each scope
  3. Disable the UiPath ExcelAddin from Excel,
    • Open the Excel application, click File -> Options -> Add-ins
    • Click the drop-down options next to “manage:” and select “COM Add-ins”, then click “GO”
    • Untick/ deselect “UiPath.Intergration.ExcelAddin”, click “OK”, close Excel and run the Robot again.