Unattended robot doesn't save image

Hi all,

I have error when I try to save screenshot image while running unattended robot through Orchestrator. It works fine when robot is set as attended. Variable screenshot is UiPath.Core.Image type.

Error in Orchestrator logs:

File name in Save Image:

Thanks for any help in advance.

BR, Bojan

We need to check the selector of the TAKE SCREENSHOT as the output screenshot doenst have any image in it

Cheers @Bojan_Tomsic

I had the selector for ‘take screenshot’ set to an object (in the chrome app), but then read on the forum that it can be empty. By default when empty it should take the screenshot of the whole screen.

Also, if I click “Indicate on screen” and select the whole screen, the selector field is empty (by default takes.

Hi there,

I have a similar issue. Taking screenshots on an attended robot out of the UiPath Studio always works fine. I executed it multiple times. The selector is empty (whole screen) and output variable is image_ExceptionScreenshot. Saving the image works fine as well.

Now after publishing the workflow to our UiPath Orchestrator and running the same script Unattended it sometimes is successful but it happens very often that saving the image fails due to the fact that there is no image to save. I checked the path variable, it is fine and works fine when there is actually an image to save.

Can you please suggest a possible solution to this issue?