OS upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows server 2016

Hi All,

We’re migrating the operating system on all the systems from Windows 7 to Window Server 2016. Currently all the studio and robot instances are running on Win 7.
This upgrade would also mean the MS office suite also gets upgraded to Office 2016. I would like to know,

  1. what’re the challenges in the system OS migration apart from what I can see is scripts with Office integration and MS system apps might get impacted?
  2. Any impact on the selectors in the existing scripts, automation?
  3. Any impact on the performance?
  4. Do we have to re-configure the machines/robots in orchestrator?
  5. Any impact on licenses associated with older OS though machines might remain same?
  6. What are the backup items to be kept in mind, prior to initiating this migration?
  7. Any pointers on how to plan this upgrade robustly?

Do let me know if I’ve missed any additional points as well, per your experience.

Appreciate your help!

Thanks in advance!