Unattended Bots Machine Requirements

Wanted to find out the Machine requirements to run unattended bots. We developed users journey using UiPath studio and running as attended bot. we are preparing to run as unattended bot and got some info that unattended bots works with Windows 2019 Server VSI only. so wanted to check with wider team if windows 2019 server VSI is product requirements or a choice for unattended bots to work

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@sangeethaneelavannan1 : thank you very much, the docs are very helpful. need to dig into robots machine requirements. it seems the robots can be configured on windows 2016 server as well

does anyone using Windows 2016 Server Virtual machine Windows 10 Desktop to configure robot account for unattended bots?

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For running the Bot as unattended you must need a unattended license

If you need to buy one you can contact sales team regarding that and they will help you

And the installation of uipath or uipath assistant should be as Service mode and checkout the requirements and steps in the links