Unable to write headers to excel

I have data table with only headers or column names .When im trying to write these headers to the excel , unable to add hears to the excel sheet. I have also enabled add headers check box but it dint work. Anyone please suggest what can we do

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Hi @prathusha,test12.xaml (6.8 KB)

I have attached the workflow with the column headers adding to the excel
i hope this helps

i want to extract the generated code from the webpage. How can i?
Reply me as soon as possible.

Hi @prathusha,

I see that you don’t have any data defined in ‘Build datatable’ activity and you are not adding any row using ‘add data row’ activity.


Write range with Add headers checked will not write any data to excel if datatable does not have rows in it in this case.


I dont want to add data row to my excel or data table. I only want headers. Is it possible.

I mean this should be the data table in your example.

I have created a code by filling a form on web and i want to send the code into excel file. This code is in popup window. Can anyone help me?

Hi Prathusha,
Add a empty row in your datatable as below and then write to the excel.Only Header will be present in your generated Excel .

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