Unable to work with SAP

i am working with SAP 750. where i am trying to upload a file some times its able to capture the elements sometimes its hanging… can anyone help me on this

in the above page i have 3 Screens - and where my uipath Hanged…

suppose if i have pages like 1 and 3 then my uipath working fine.

Guessing, but please make sure that the part that is handling select file window is not in attach scope for any of the others (or preferably - make it a separate workflow if it isn’t yet).
IIRC that window is modal, so it may hang the robot if he’s trying to iterate over ui hierarchy of now unreachable part of the application.

Thanks for your reply.

i am using separate workflow for save file…

i didnt understood. could you please explain little bit more… bcz when i am using attach window it should be able to find the element…

my workflows are like below.

work flow 1
for page 1
work flow 2 --> page 2
workflow 3 —> page 3