SAP is getting hanged when we click on Allow

Hi Team,

I have a scenario where i need to click on Allow button in a dialog box that comes in SAP like below.

Using click activity i am clicking the allow button in dialog box but after clicking on allow, SAP is getting hanged. If i do the same thing manually, it works completely fine but if i execute through Uipath, system is getting hanged.
Could you please help me in resolving this.


hi @revathineelima,

There are 2 things you can try -

  1. Before clicking - Tack a attach window and Attach this window SAP GUI Security window and then try to put a click activity inside it …

  2. Use a send hotkey - ENTER - Assuming Enter does the same Job as clikcing allow does

Also , Before the Click activity - Put some delay may be of 5 Sec - It that helps.



You need to anchor this message window and then Click Allow.