Unable to view mobile device manager

I have just started mobile device automation, I have installed UiPath.MobileAutomation.Activities. After that, I couldn’t able to see Mobile device manager in my ribbon. Can anybody please tell me am I doing right? or should do something for the mobile device manager.

you install right your package?
activities should appear here

check it

Yes can able to use those activities, but I couldn’t able to see mobile device manager.
Like in this forum post.

is your studio the normal studio or the UiPath Studio pro? It should be a pro version to be able to access these activities.

@shalini.tewary Currently I’m using normal studio. May I know how to get studio pro please.

i got mine from downloading the unstable version of UiPath from the cloud platform

Yeah I too got mobile activities but I didn’t got mobile device manager in the ribbon.

try restarting the studio

but you previously said you are using normal studio

Yeah i have tried that too.

Yeah I’m using normal studio, after installing uipath.mobileautomation.activies i can get mobile based activities. As said in that forum post.

yes but in the normal version you wont be able to see the device manager.

you can download the pro version from this link:
Edited by staff due to a direct download link. You can get the latest installer from here: https://platform.uipath.com/portal_/resourceCenter

but keep in mind this is a pre-release version of Studio 20.4, it may be unstable.

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@johnny123 Thanks a lot :smile:. Let me try it.

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Thank you all. It worked :smile:

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