Unable to view logs in Orchestrator for a specific tenant

Hello Everyone we are facing an issue where we are not able to see logs for all tenant in the Orchestrator

For other tenants its working perfectly fine

After uirobot service restart the logs are visible but after certain executions the problem reappears

Any help on the same would be helpful thanks

Hi @adityarikame

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Check if you are hard disk having some space for the C drive

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HI @adityarikame

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Also @adityarikame

The Orchestrator is a cloud one not managed by us . I would be able to change anything related to orchestrator

Tried the solution already mentioned in the forums its not working

You are using community version or enterprise? @adityarikame

May i know the version of the orchestrator @adityarikame

its an enterprise cloud

Then you should ask your infrastructure team to check the space in the database and extend the space there so that the logs can be populated again in your orchestrator

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