The logs of the Orchestrator job are either missing or not being displayed

The PRD Orchestrator is not displaying logs for every job, resulting in some jobs not running and errors not being able to be checked in the log. Additionally, for jobs that are running successfully, no logs are being displayed, even though they were previously displayed normally.


Is the log preferences changed on UiPath assistant/. to send only error logs or fatal from info or trace?

Also you can login to the robot machine and check if the log files are created or not


Hi @Wirit_Panrit

It could be due to several reasons such as:

• Orchestrator is unavailable

• Hard disk doesn’t have enough space

• ElasticSearch Uri is not empty under RobotElasticSearch tag in web.config

You can also check if ElasticSearch Uri is empty under RobotElasticSearch tag in web.config. If it’s not empty, make it empty under RobotElasticSearch and restart the IIS of the Orchestrator. Allow 2 minutes time since there will be some delay. Then you can see the logs populating

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