Unable to use GET method in api call

I am able to use POST method for API call and able to get access token as well but when i am using GET method i’m getting error.

Hi @shreya.sinha

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Have you checked our documentation for hints?

Otherwise, please provide some more examples of specific API calls that are not working.

Hi Shrey.sinha,

Check the properties of HTTP Request Activity.

For Example, Just for references i am passing dummy url as Endpoint -http://dummy.restapiexample.com/api/v1/employees
and choose method as Get.

Check whether your Getting Response from End Point url and also check Status code Should be 200

kindly check the screenshot below.



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Thanks @1996 Neelima, But my my concern is 1st I’m using POST method to get access token. then 2nd I need to use GET method for getting the details. The same process I have done in POSTMAN and have got the results. may I know where we need to pass (Bearer {access token}) which is generated by POST method.
@loginerror I am trying to do API call for Orchestrator for this i’m getting access token to get details of assets, robots etc

May i know where i should pass access token in http client

@shreya.sinha Check this Workflow :
Orchestrator API Calls.zip (22.6 KB)

Check the Body Property of the First HTTP Request :

Check the Headers Property of the Second HTTP Request:

Make sure you are providing the right values from the Orchestrator.

Extracting of Access Token and assigning it to the Get Assets Request is already done. You just need to provide your Orchestrator Tenancy Values.


@supermanPunch Thank you this is working fine… :slight_smile:

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