HTTP request using Oauth2

Hi everyone,

I am working on making HTTP request with Oauth2 authentication and below are the steps I think I need to execute based on all documentations and forum articles. Kindly let me know for any corrections in below steps,

  1. Call API and get Access token in Result. Deserialize Result to retrieve the access token. Calling method for this call would be GET.
  2. Again call same API and pass access token retrieved in step 1 in Headers and get the intended output in Result. Calling method for this call would be POST.



  1. The call for generating an access token should be a POST.
  2. The calling method for any following steps will depend on what you are trying to do. If you run into any errors post more details and then we can help you from there.

Hi @DanielMitchell,

I am making first API call with below parameters. Apologies I cant mention exact parameters due to security reasons. Getting message {“error_description”:“access_denied”,“error”:“server_error”}" after making this call. Would you be able to advise if my calling method is correct.

End Point: MyEndpoint
Method: POST
AcceptFormat: ANY/JSON (tried with both)
Body: “{”“grant_type”":"“password”","“client_id”":"“My client ID”","“client_secret”":"“My client secret”","“username”":"“Myusername”","“password”":"“Mypassword”"}"
BodyFormat: application/json


The method your using is correct. Try to write the body in a text file and store the value into a variable. And pass the variable to the body of the Http request. Check and let me know if your still facing the same error