Unable to upload file in Chrome

There is a website on which i need to select files to upload.

i’m trying using Click Select button then in the popup window, type the full file path, then click Open button.

After click Open button, the file wasn’t uploaded and no errors throw. but if i manually type the full path in the popup window then click open, the file could be uploaded.

i just want to know why automation won’t work for this situation.

PS: i already tried add delay, set text instead of type in, none of them works, the file still not upload.


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Which file extension are your trying to upload?


PDF, and i’ve included the file extension in the full path typed in.


If the website is public means share the link, else try to replicate the steps manually and check also try to give the typeInto delaybetween keys and check

Hope this may help you


i’m sorry the web is a inner file system, but after click the select button, the popup window is just a open file window in chrome.

i tried add delay between keys, add delay between type path and click open button, but still, after click open button, the file was not uploaded.

and my case is really like Browse File for Upload-Click Open does not return the file name.

hope someone may face similar situation and found some solutions.