Unable to Uninstall Uipath from control panel


I have to uninstall my Uipath from vm which is installede in "C:\Users***\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs , so i am trying from control panel ->program and features to uninstall the same .
It is showing me following popup after clicking on uninstall and when i click on continue option popup simply getting closed and nothing happens.

No other user also not logged on to computer i checked.

how can i uninstall my uipath ?
please help me on same.

Hi @Mathkar_kunal , If any orchestrator is set then logout. Then try uninstall.

No, we are scheduling from task scheduler.

First Signout all the users

then restart the machine and try to uninstall
it should work

Yes, if your scheduler is set means what is the machine used to run the process. Your machine right? So disconnect from orchestrator before uninstall.

Thanks worked.just one question i dont wnat to install in user folder .i want to install in c/program86 folder.but while installing again it is not asking me for path , by default it will install in users folder.i have exe file which i downloaded from platform.uipath

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