Unable to start a process of UiPath.Robot by cmd

I failed to start a Uipath process in cmd window as below. I’m using Community Edition. How can I solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\UiPath>UiPath.Agent.exe -p myuipathproject

C:\Users\admin\AppData\Local\UiPath>UiPath.Agent.exe -file “D:\uipath_project\m


Please try with this command:
UiRobot.exe -file “%HOMEPATH%\Documents\UiPath\test_debugging\Main.xaml”

Details about command line arguments in the Robot user guide:

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Try the below command

start "" /min "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-19.2.0-beta0059\UiRobot.exe" /file:"C:\Users\%username%\Documents\UiPath\sample.xaml"

Replace the uirobot.exe path and xaml path according to your path

These commands can only make the robot up, but the process was not started.

You can find UiRobot.exe in version folder in community edition. Instead of using UiPath.Agent.exe use UiRobot.exe