Starting 'UiPath Studio Community' process using Command LIne

Is it possible to run processes of ‘UiPath Studio Community’ from Command Line?

I could run ‘Community edition’ using the UiPath Robot successfully, but not sure if starting can be done from Command Line and also using the API (REST web service).

I do not find this file in my system which is required to run process -
“C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Studio\UiRobot.exe”

Are these features not available in Community Edition?


You should be able to start from cmd line using Community Edition (see link below). You can even pass in arguments. Not so sure about starting with API - try @andrzej.kniola for that one :slight_smile:

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Thanks Richard for the reply.

I tried to run from the Command Line as mentioned but was not successful. There was no file called UiRobot.exe which is required to run processes from Command Line. Even I could not find the folder ‘UiPath Studio’ under C:\Program Files (x86). Not sure if this folder and file are not created for the Community Edition.

CE is in a different location:
CMD (and task scheduler) should work if pointed to correct location.

RobotService API is legacy AFAIK and Orchestrator is the recommended way. This of course doesn’t work with CE.


Thanks Andrzej.

Found the folder and the required file, but still not successful in running the process from CMD.

Every time it says ‘unable to find the specified file’. I checked the path and looked all fine.

[ERROR] [UiPath.Workflow.Logging.StudioTraceListener] [5] System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Unable to find the specified file.

Hi @Nilabja.Saha,

Did you find solution or its working now using command prompt? I am getting the same error as “Unable to find the specified file”.


  1. Run CMD As Administrator
  2. Run the UiRobot.exe (this is optional)
  3. Move to folder where you have UiRobot.exe
    (generally it reside in “C:\Users\User_name\AppData\Local\UiPath\app-***>”)
  4. write UiRobot.exe -f or- file “FIlePath\GoogleSearch.xaml”
  5. It will start execution

Hope this will work for you.

Vivek S.

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