Unable to select the value field setting

Dear pros,

recently i changed to a new laptop. (windows 10 → 11)
my bot did not run as smoothly on certain excel selections. (have to re-indicate elements. T_T)
however, it does not seems to be able to click on i.e. Average below under the value field settings. (old laptop could do that.) any help is greatly appreciate!!!

when indicate it looks like that:

however, when run, it doesn’t select the “average”.


  1. Are these excel activities that you are trying through ui?if so we can use excel related activities instead of using ui
  2. While indicating did you try changing the ui framework? (Click on f4)
  3. Sometimes your final element would not be indicated…then you can indicate the element in ui explorer and navigate to required element from visual tree and select the element to get the selector