Select Activity Problem

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I am experiencing a strange issue, I have executed a Work Flow that reads “Type of expense” from excel sheet and update it in the timesheet web app. It works perfectly when I am running using the UiPath tool on the local machine. The same workflow when I am triggering it using Orchestrator, the Select activity is not working it is stopped there, it is not selecting the Expense Type in web app. Help in resolving this issue guys. FYR, I have attached the screenshots. This is the screenshot I have taken while testing it on my Local System.

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Did you cross check if the activity is actually have the value in the string as “Type of Expense”? What error does it throws? Did you wait till the timeout happens? Are you running the workflow in your own system or into a different robot machine?

Only problems that i see is that the selector may not seem to be working for Select Item or may be an issue with capturing the data itself from excel.

Rammohan B.

Can you share the Selector you have used? Try to use Click Activity instead if feasible

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FYR, I have attached the screenshot.This workflow works perfectly when I am manually starting execution on my machine. But when I have started the project using Orchestrator, the automation is halted while selecting the “Type Of Expense” field.

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