Unable to select data from excel when it contains 's in cell


I am not able to execute select query when i get data with 'S.
Please find the screen shot below:

vendor_Name is coming as : POP’S PTE. LTD and it is comapring with excel which looks somethig like below screenshot


Can you please guide me how i can write the select query for it. Find my select query in above screenshot .


Try Escaping the single quotes with double quotes. Like below.

outDt_Vendor_Reference_Table.Select(string.Format("[Full Vendor Name] =’{0}’",vendor_Name.Replace("’","’’")));

Thank you

I am still facing error , can you please have a look where I am doing wrong .
I have attached XAML and corresponding excel file.

sample.xlsx (8.2 KB)
SingleQuotesSample.xaml (11.4 KB)


PFA, with modified select query.
SingleQuotesSample.xaml (11.9 KB)

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Thank you , it worked

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