Unable to See .XAML files in Studio's Project Tree

Hi All, @loginerror @ovi

I am having a really weird issue on my UiPath Studio Enterprise v2019.10.4

My friend passed me his package and just like any uipath project folders, it contains the following with 2 .xaml files

L .local folder
L .screenshot folder
L .settings folder
L .json
L A.xaml
L B.xaml

However, when I launch studio and open the project, I am unable to see any of the .xaml files in my project side panel tree. However, when I gave the package to another friend and he opened the project, he was able to see the .xaml files. We are all using UiPath Studio Enterprise v2019.10.4.

When I created a brand new project and copied and paste those .xaml files into it, after refresh I am still unable to see them.

To better illustrate this for instance, in this tree, I am not able to see Flowchart.xaml and Main.xaml files at all in Studio Project tree side panel.

Any idea why?

Thanks for the help in advance!


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Did it show any package error in output panel when you opened that Main.xaml file ? And also go to Manage packages → Project Dependencies and show me screenshot of it. So that we can check and help you better in this.

Hi @lakshman, @loginerror, @ovi

Sorry, what I meant was that I was not even able to see any of the .xaml files. This is actual picture of situation (attached below). When I ‘Right Click’ > ‘Open Project Folder’, I am able to see all my .xaml files. However, as you can see in my project panel, for some reasons, the .xaml files does not show up in the panel. I have tried ‘Refresh’ and also ‘Show All Files’ but both did not work.




Uninstall Uipath and reinstall it again and then try once.

Hi @lakshman

Haha that was what I was trying to avoid as it will be a lengthy process in my org. Anyway, for the rest of my mates, they were all able to see the .xaml files when I passed the package to them. Any chances it could be some PC settings on my machine which is causing this?

Will wait out to see if there is still any solution the community can provide before uninstalling.

Thanks for the advise @lakshman :slight_smile:


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hi @lakshman

Oh wait, I was exploring and this was what I found out.

If I place the package on my desktop and I open the .json from there, I am able to see all the .xaml

However, when I move the package to the default C:\Users<ID>\Documents\UiPath, and I open it from there, I am not able to see the .xaml files.

Any ideas?