When I start the Studio and open a project, I don’t see .XAML files in the project tab

Not sure but after the update, when I start the Studio and open a project, I don’t see .XAML files in the project tab. Only I see is the “Dependencies” in the project tab.

Any help would be appreciated, I already uninstalled and re-installed the UiPath.

When I create a new project, I can see the XAML files in the project tab however when I open any of my old automations, its not there.

@Palaniyappan @loginerror @Catalin_Anastasoaie

Try to place the package in a different location (eg on your desktop) and open the project .json file from the UiPath Studio.

Are you able to see now the .xaml files inside the Project?

I tried as suggested by you however the result is same, I cannot see the XAML files in the project.

Again, I uninstalled the latest stable version of UiPath community (2022.4.0).

Installed an old version from the setup I received from a colleague of mine. It did work as expected, which auto updated itself to 2021.10.3.

In 2021.10.3, it was working fine as expected however it again auto updated itself to 2022.4.0 and now again it is not working

It is urgent, any help would be highly appreciated.

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Try this approach:

  1. Copy the package folder somewhere where your robot can access it
  2. Open the package folder, and remove the project.json. Then open the .local folder and remove everything except the db folder. Then enter in the db folder and remove the references.db file.
  3. Restart the Studio machine
  4. Open the copied folder and double click on Main.xaml file in order to be opened in Studio.
  5. Share your findings.
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Thanks @marian.platonov!

YES, now I see all the files.

So what should be done for rest of my automations, should I follow the same steps or we have something that could solve the issue in every project?

Do this approach only to projects where you have this issue.

Also, it would be really helpful for us @mrkrunaldoshi if you can provide us with a project example that still has this behavior, so that we can try to replicate the behavior internally. You can send it to me or @Catalin_Anastasoaie in a private message, if you feel more comfortable with this, along with a Diagnostics Tool report - to see if there is any error generated in the log files for the behavior.
To generate a DiagTool report > you need to open the Start button > search for ‘UiPath Diagnostics Tool’ > Select Studio/Assistant > then go through the wizard until a zip file is generated and kindly send it to us.

Thank you very much in advance!

I’ve split the discussion to a new topic to be able to track it a bit better :slight_smile:

Our team is currently working on resolving this issue with high priority. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Just deleting the project.json file works.

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