Unable to see Test Email Setting button on my Mail tab in orchestrator

I want to test email setting on orchestrator Email alert message.
I am using 2019.4.4

Some can help me to test email alert.

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Once after logging in to orchestrator and to your tenant link Click on your name icon at the top right corner of the page
There click on Settings
Then in that go to Mails tab
There we will be able to find the Testing mail settings at the bottom

Cheers @pankajs3

Red marked area is that which about you are telling me. Red marked area is Mail tab in Settings. There is not Testing Mail Setting button in Mails tab. as you can see above screenshot.

i could see buddy
kindly check once pls

Cheers @pankajs3

I have already told you and attached a one screenshot, in that screenshot that TEST MAIL SETTING button is not displaying.