Unable to see tanent feed while publishing


I am unable to see tanent feed while publishing form UiPath.
i am running UiPath from my VM and connected to the orchestrator.
see below image

instead it is selecting local path in custom url.
so my package is also not able to publish in orchestrator.
help me on same.


Does UiPath assistant say connected?

As I can see from the screenshot that the studio is not connected to orchestrator…if it is connected you would see a green circl on the bottom right of studio and also you will have option to select the orchestrator folder both are not seen.please chekc properly


yes connected

ok understood.
i am conencting enterprise version to community license machine key thats why not connecting i guess.
robot conencted. but tanent feed not showing because of that


Then please check if the user you are using is having permissions to upload…


where i can see this permissions?


Tenant → Manage access → edit user → roles …now create a role or edit existign role to include these permissions

check the link provided


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