Unable to scrape data

I’m kid of new to UiPath. I’ve encountered a problem that I think is kind of easy to solve, but I’ve spent two days now without managing.

I’m trying to scrape data from an URL, but am unable to fetch the data.

After I’ve finished the Extract Wisard, the “Preview Data” shows up blank. But once I press “Edit Data Definition” and “OK”, the scraped data appears in the “Preview Data”. As a result of the data being blank at first - I think - the data will not be fetched.

Please see URL I’m trying to scrape: https://doffin.no/Notice/Details/2020-388518
The data I’m trying to scrape is the name below the line “Den valgte leverandørens navn og adresse”

If anyone can help me out I would be most grateful!

Best regards Markus