Amazon web scraping issue

i want to scrap the title and the product link from Amazon website based on the search keyword.
i did data scraping.but problem arise after few days the data scraping output provides no results.At that situation i done data scraping once again and got my desire result. But after few days same problem came that data scraping completed with no result
I prepare the data sraping sequence one week ago.At that it comes up with my desired output.
But i run the bot to scrap the comes up with a blank reasult like-

Then i disable previous data scraping scope.And perform data scraping. after that it gives the my desired result like-

.How can i solve this issues?

hi @arijit1213

Have you check with yours selector?



the extract meta data got change.

No am not asking about this selectors an asking about

This selectors

i already made it dynamic…

please help me to solve this issue.