Not able to scrape Image URLS

HI All,

I am trying to scrape the image URL from the below site.

i am not able to get the image url while chaging src to img.

please find the below screen shoot for reference.

thanks in advance.


In my environment, the following works in some page.

Probably we need to check innerhtml of A tag and set proper settings for extracting.


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I tried with the inner HTML to but its not working in my case.


Can you share screenshot of UiExplore for your target image as the following?

This means ExractMetaData will be the following after A tag.

<webctrl tag='a' />
<webctrl tag='div' />
<webctrl tag='picture' />
<webctrl tag='img' />


Ya its working now after just adding Picture tag .

Thanks a lot .

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