Unable to save variable data in Data Table




Please look into the attached work flow.
I have picked up the values through ‘get text’ and saved them into variable.
Now I can display the variable values, however while trying to save the variable values in ‘Data Table’ using ‘Add data row’ no data is getting saved.Main.xaml (18.0 KB)


Looks good to me, check below way or UserDetailsDataTable.Rows.Count.ToString




As vinay metioned all look fine.
UserDetailsDataTable.ToString returns TableName not the data table value.
Either use Output Data Table or write range activity to see that data.


Thank you Vinay and Dilip.
It’s been working now. Also there were some data type issues, which I changed and it’s working as I wanted
Attaching the file for future reference for UIMain.xaml (22.3 KB)
path users.