Unable to save the form fields


I made a bot that fills the four textfields and then saves the data, but when I save the data, two text field data go missing, whereas when I manually write the data for all four fields and then save it, all of the data is saved.

hi @Luffy

add some delay before entering the data into each field and try again.

Hope it works !!

i tried but still facing the same issue

Hi @Luffy

Enable click before the typing activity and give some delay


Have you tried re-indicating the target if not please try that too

yes i have tried , but no change

yes i did but still facing the same issue


During automation did it enters the fields?


try with debug mode and you can see whether the correct field is activated or not.

yes it enters the data but when i save the data, 2 fields data went missing


Give some delay before submitting the form.