Data is getting typed in application by the bot but not getting saved

Hi all,

I am automating an application which involves typing user data into it and clicking on Save. When the bot runs, it is able to type in the data and while clicking on Save , it does not throw any error and the transaction is processed successfully.

But again when I recheck the user in the application, the fields seem to be blank. I checked manually and data is getting saved successfully in the application.

Please let me know if anyone has come across an issue like this and any work arounds.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Santa_Krish
Could you please try with different input method?.let me know what happens

First check whether the save button is in the state of disable or enable while clicking.

Then try to change the input methods.

And try to give some delay before click activity.

@sangeethaneelavannan1 I have tried with Simulate click and send window message activities. Both have same issue.


After each type activity try usign a tab to move to next field…May be the website needs a movement to save the data…


Thank you for your inputs. @Anil_G @sangeethaneelavannan1 @oraganti931 When typing in data previously, I was using Simulate click as input method. On changing it to Send window messages, the details got saved successfully.

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