Web autofill text field issues

Hi Everybody,

I’m facing a complicated issue with a web autofill text field.

I got a textfield which got in memory all text we put in it.

When our sequence start to type into this textfield if there is in memory a text that start like the text which is typing into and longer , i don’t know why but the longer text is finally what we got and not the desired one.

Have you ever got that kind of issue? How to deal with?

Hello @lir ,

Can you provide an example ?



Of course.

I have a web text field which can autofill.
That text field have for example “tititit@toto.fr,test@test.fr” in memory.

if the robot try to enter only the first part “tititit@toto.fr”, once we leave and the field lost focus, the text field automatically complet it self with “tititit@toto.fr,test@test.fr

Do you understand what i mean?


Hello @lir ,

Did you try to insert an empty space and after that a tab key to go to next field?

Maybe it helps.


Hi @wasea,
I add a typeinto which press delete.
thank you for your help.

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