Unable to Request Read Receipt & Delivery Receipt + Outlook + Send Exchange Mail Message


I am using send Exchange mail message to send emails from my outlook account. I do not find the option to request read receipts & Delivery Receipts in this activity.

Did any one face this and how can I resolve this issue.

Thankyou in advance

Did you try altering the settings in exchange mail box? If that’s default setting to receive delivery report that should work. If not, give it a shot.

Else, You’ll have to build a customer activity or Invoke a powershell script.

There’s a cmdlet, Get-MessageTrackingReport used by delivery report function. You may consider using this.


edit: Got the link for the official doc

@rahulsharma. I was able to alter the settings in the outlook mail box and now get the read and delivered receipt notices.

I was wondering what the shell script would do. Will it track all the activity of the email? Did you use it. Can you share some sample how to use it ?

Glad your issue is resolved.

That will get you a response and that response will have the status of the email, all parameters mentioned in the above mention Microsoft document can be accessed. That document has examples too. You can run it using Invoke Powershell code, then you’ll get the response and you can validate the status of that email.

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