Send email - Delivery receipt

Hi all,

I need help. I need to develop a process for sending a bunch of emails (more than 200 emails per day), and on each email that UiPath sent, I need to activate the Delivery receipt option.

I believe there are 2 options for doing that:

  1. Option is to open Outlook and click on GUI for each email which we need to send.
  2. Option is to send email through API on an exchange server
  3. If you have any better ideas feel free to write it down :slight_smile:

Did anyone try to develop the 2nd option? If yes, please would you be so kind to share the solution with me.



Due to the standard uiPath activities:

I believe that you will not be able to select this option for confirmation of receipt of delivery.

So you can go two ways:

  1. Create a custom activity to handle this sending and delivery confirmation, can be using the EWS (c# - Sending email with EWS API very slow - Stack Overflow) using the message property. IsDeliveryReceiptRequested = true.

  2. Or you can go through the Outlook UI usage path as shown below:

This requires that your BOT access an Outlook, that is, your server needs an installed outlook, situation that Item 1 does not occur.

As I like to do everything with VBA, I googled this for curiosity and think I’d do it like that.

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Thanks for your help, do you have experience with creating custom activities for UiPath. Or is there someone who can help me with it.

Sorry my Delay,

I have little experience with custom activity, I already created one that was very simple just for testing.

as I have a programming experience, the simple test I did was not very complicated.

If it helps you, Creating a Custom Activity I followed the steps in this documentation and also has some content on Youtube that can help you.

I would be happy to develop something like this, as it would somehow help the community, but my time is very short, and unfortunately I can’t dedicate myself to Open Source projects.