Outlook GetMessages omitting delivery reports



I am doing an Email automation project.I want to check whether the email i have send through outlook is delivered or not. So i opted for read receipt. I am also getting Undeliverable message as well.
But when i use “get outlook mail messages”, i am not getting the read receipt email or the undeliverable email eventhough it is there in the inbox. Please find a solution to my problem.

See here there are two unread messages.1 Read receipt email… 2 Normal Email
I executed the following program
When i ran it only the normal Email’s subject is displayed while the subject of read receipt email is not captured.
Please give me a solution to this issue


Can you try getting mails using other activities like Imap or Pop3? let us know the results


let me see


what should we give the value of port no and server in case of pop3
i am using an outlook email


yeah i checked it


are you trying to read those 2 mails from “Inbox”?


For Port number try:


995 (TCP)

POP3 with or without TLS

110 (TCP)

But server address you need to talk to your local IT dept or drop a mail to yourself and check email properties you will get server address

Ajinkya Kadne


Get POP3 Mail Messages : No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it


Username password correct?


yeah they are correct


995 port also refused connectiomn?

try IMAP as well


could you give me a logic to find out whether an email send by me is delivered to the person.(Not by using read receipt)
This is what i m trying to do.


No imap is also showing the same error


I fear no, we dont have anything to detect whether it was delivered or not.


While it could be confirmed 100% by looking at the source code, the most probable culprit is the way the items are fetched - regular mail is a MailItem class, while delivery receipts and other reports (undeliverable etc.) are ReportItem class.
I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a check for a class or the fetch itself is filtered for that class objects. Since it needs to return a List<MailMessage>, it probably only goes for MailItem objects, since reports have a different structure (they’re similar, but not same).

If this is confirmed by someone from UiPath, your only solution would be to I suppose roll your own integration or request an addition to the package. It would be useful to be able to get delivery receipts, so I don’t think it will be declined, but it might take some time. Either way, it’s in UiPath hands.


thanks a lot for the reply


Would you tell me the procedure for requesting for an addition of package because it is an unseparable part of my project


Post in the Ideas section and hope for the best.


Someone from uipath help me with this:pray:


Hello Renjith,

                please let me know , if you have found the solution for this issue. I am also facing the same issue with my project , I need to get the delivery reports and read receipts in to list of mail messages.