Unable to replace string

Hello Team,
Actually I am trying to automate captcha. Everything is going good,but when I am taking text from web application instead of “1” , I am getting character “I” .
I used mentioned regular expression for replacing
“System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex.Replace(value,“I”, “1”)”
but no luck it is only working at times.
Please help me to solve this issue

can you give me the sample output text from web?
which is having this character “l”.

this should work actually
kindly try with this expression

Cheers @bhaavan

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OCR activities are unreliable specially in case of captcha code…
I will recommend you to fine tune your OCR activity to give correct result instead of replacing text in result.
For example… for number “1”, an unreliable OCR can give you 1 or l (lower case L) or I (upper case i ) or even | (pipe)…

thank you!